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New Instant Rebates Announced for Peoples and Northshore Gas Customers

Effective June 1st, Peoples and Northshore Gas customers can receive instant rebates of up to $700 off of insulation services delivered by approved contractors. Instant rebates are available through the Natural Gas Savings Program and are available until May 30th, 2017 or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Insulation must be installed by an Illinois Home Performance certified contractor. For more information call Energy360 Solutions at 630-422-1941.


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Imagine life without the people in your life. It will be quite boring, don’t you think? The personalities we encounter on a daily or sometimes weekly basis, depending on the occurrence, would help build our character and stretch our patience. As one of my mentors said, better to have a deep empathy of people than easily dismiss them. People come and go. Sometimes you will meet people from a totally different background and what is best is you learn the lessons and be grateful for the encounters.

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