Commercial Energy Audits, Energy Star certifications, and benchmarking are services that Energy360 Solutions provides to commercial, industrial and institutional clients. We work closely with your building and operations management to answer questions, provide information, and recommend solutions to problems involving inefficiencies in existing buildings. We also provide expert design support services to architects, builders and designers to assist with those elements of design affecting energy efficiency and overall building performance.

What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a study of both your building’s energy consuming equipment and the thermal aspects of its “shell,” or the design & construction of its roof, walls, and floor. Our commercial energy audits entail the following tasks:

  • Analyze a record of your utility use and interview your facility manager(s).
  • Inspect building and site lighting, HVAC equipment and system(s), controls, and the plant & operations related equipment such as pneumatic systems and plant water consumption.
  • Examine the building envelope for retrofit upgrade opportunities
  • Evaluate switching utility providers with an eye towards negotiating more favorable utility rates.
  • Evaluate opportunities for the deployment of renewable energy applications, upgrading of electric motors and drives, and adding heat recovery systems.

Following the site visit, our energy auditor will develop a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that could reduce energy usage and costs in your building.

Each energy audit is unique. Depending on your objectives, a different level of attention can be invested in the various areas of interest. Typically, the auditor will then quantify the utility cost savings potential there is for each of the recommended ECMs and the estimated investment associated with implementing each measure. The report then ranks each ECM by the relative best benefit to cost ratio. After review of the energy audit report, Energy360 can then discuss your options and assist with your next steps.

Clients typically find our expertise instrumental in their decision making and often turn to us to implement the solutions. This full service turn-key approach is the most efficient and effective approach to success in achieving the desired savings.

Energy Star Certifications

Energy360 is an Energy Star Partner participating in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) ENERGY STAR for buildings and plants.  The program offers an excellent opportunity for commercial, industrial, and institutional building owners to contribute to their double bottom line:  Financial savings and environmental protection. 

The program is an innovative energy performance rating system which businesses use to earn both savings and national recognition.  National recognition is available when a building is certified as meeting the criteria of being a top performing building of its type.  Energy360 is experienced at assisting building owners reach the required level of energy efficiency and is qualified to certify a building for earning the ENERGY STAR label. 


Energy360 offers an energy use assessment known as energy benchmarking used to establish how your building compares to similar buildings in the Chicago climate.  The value of this analysis lies in its potential to illustrate the operational savings that may be available from reduced energy consumption.  Upon completing a benchmarking assessment, Energy360’s experienced professionals can then assist your organization in creating an action plan that will help you achieve your energy performance goals.  Energy360 can also offer training, continued performance assessment, and financial strategies aimed towards raising your building’s energy performance.  Many building owners, once committed to and on the path to earning an ENERGY STAR certification, find that the organization-wide team effort and awareness carries over into other areas of the business’s operations resulting in substantial savings beyond energy efficiency!

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  • Leslie DiMaggio, Fox River Grove, IL

    I want to tell you that we are COMPLETELY satisfied with the work you guys did at the house... The house definitely feels cooler. We know you guys made an extra effort with us and also gave us a great price. We love you guys!!!!!!!! I have already recommended you to three people. Thanks!

  • Nina Brakel, Park Ridge, IL

    We LOVE the new windows. I can't believe what a difference it has made in the house - it is soooooo peaceful upstairs now. And, the outside of the house looks new! Thank you! And, you were great to work with - thank you. Gregg and I both commented on your professionalism and knowledge.

  • Toby Trabert, Oak Park, IL

    I own a Victorian style home that desperately needed insulation. I hired Energy360 Solutions and they discovered major air leakage through the many nooks and crannies of my attic.

  • Scott Gillis, Woodridge, IL

    My home was uncomfortable. It was so difficult to keep it warm in the winter and there was no sound barrier. We could hear everything that was going on outside. We needed insulation and called Energy360 Solutions. They provided us with a great solution using dense packed Cellulose insulation.

  • The Holzl Family, Mt Prospect, IL

    After 14 years of living in our house, and suffering each winter in our chilly family room built over a crawlspace, we hired Energy360 Solutions to perform an energy audit of our entire house. One of their findings was that we were losing heat out of the wall joists of the crawlspace.

  • Ken & Julie Kittredge, Mt Prospect, IL

    Our first ever energy audit from Energy360 solutions was a very exciting and interactive experience. We learned so much about the energy efficiencies of our home or better said the lack of efficiencies.

  • Mark Hoffmeister, Mt Prospect, IL

    Our home was sealed and insulated in March 2014. The results were immediate. The house air conditioning was improved especially in the upper floors. This cold winter comfort improvement in heating the house was successful.