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Lighting and Electrical Solutions

Did you know there are hundreds of options today that will improve the quality of light in your home or office and also lower your electric bills?  We know you are probably aware that many lighting options exist today but how do you pick the best and most cost effective solution for you?
Here at Energy360, our lighting consultants will help guide you through the sea of choices. Whether you are looking for compact fluorescent lights (CFL), fluorescent, LED, day lighting (skylight), occupancy sensors or even metering/power suppression solutions, energy360 is here to help.
Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)
The first thing to understand when looking to purchase CFLs is making sure you buy the right bulb for the right job and learn your labels. Bulbs marked "Energy Star," while imperfect, must meet federal standards for quality, safety and durability. CFLs most likely to replicate an incandescent bulb's glow will be labeled "warm," "soft white" or 2700K, its color temperature as measured in kelvin (K). Most CFLs do not work in dimmable light fixtures so make sure the label says it is made for that task or ask us. CFLs by and large are quick, easy and a inexpensive way to start saving $$ right way because they use considerably less electricity than incandescent bulbs. If you buy the right CFL for the task they can be a great option and it won’t cost you much, but there is one negative; mercury. For that reason, you should never just throw CFLs away. CFLs should be recycled rather than landfilled. Retailers like Home Depot and IKEA will accept any unbroken CFLs whether you bought them there or not. If you are confused about which CFL is right for you please check out our store for help and you could even buy them on-line from us.
Flourescent Lights

Fluorescent lights aren’t just for commercial applications anymore!  Did you know there are many great looking fluorescent lighting options for your home?  Whether you need task lighting, under cabinet solutions or even wall sconces, there is a great fluorescent light option for you.  Why should you consider fluorescent lights for your home?  Fluorescent lights give off a very bright but yet soft on your eyes light.   Fluorescent lights use far less electricity than incandescent bulbs and they last much longer. Like their compact counterparts, they also contain mercury so they need to be disposed of responsibly.


If you want great looking lights that will save you money and help our environment then fluorescent lights from Energy360 could be the right choice for you.  Check out our on-line store to learn more!

L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting
Fluorescent lights aren’t just for commercial applications anymore! Did you LED light bulbs are watt for watt the most energy efficient light bulbs you can purchase for your home. Throw in the fact that they last for 50,000 - 100,000 hours of operation, and changing light bulbs becomes a thing of the past. As an example, if you left LED lights on for 12 hours per day, they’d typically last for 25-30 years before they burned out. Also, LED’s put out an incredible amount of light while using a minuscule amount of energy. LED’s are more than twice as efficient as compact fluorescents and about 10x more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Switching to LED light bulbs can cut your home lighting energy use by almost 90%. This is a substantial savings in both money and green house gas emissions.  Note that LED’s aren’t for all types of applications. They are directional lights. ie… they shine in the direction they are pointed in. They don’t shine in all directions as typical incandescent light bulbs do. LED light bulbs are appropriate when you need powerful directional lighting. Presently, LED excels over other bulbs in spot and flood lighting applications. Track lighting, spot lighting, canister lights, and outdoor flood lights are currently the most appropriate places to use LED bulbs.
Daylighting is the effective use of natural light to offset daytime lighting requirements in homes and other buildings. Let Energy360 shed new light on your home or office through the introduction of a modern skylight today! Harnessing the clean, free light of the sun can completely revitalize any living space, not to mention reducing your energy bill. New daylighting products introduce technological innovations that follow the sun and bring the natural light of the sun into any space in new and exciting ways.  These devices are typically installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets and interior hallways, although the versatility of our solutions allow us to install them almost anywhere the homeowner desires extra light. Our customers are not only impressed by the energy efficiency aspect of daylighting, but also by the aesthetic appeal of walking into a bright room flooded with natural light.  Call us today to learn which daylighting solution is right for you.
Occupancy Sensors
Occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption in building spaces by automatically shutting off the lights during periods of non-use.  You never have to worry about turning the lights on or off.  Occupancy sensors automatically turn them on and off when you enter or exit a bedroom, restroom, your office or even a classroom.  Tired of yelling at the kids to turn off the lights upon leaving their bedrooms? Occupancy sensors are inexpensive and can eliminate 20% – 60% of lighting energy costs.