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Green Remodeling

While it is definitely important to follow your heart's desire when remodeling your home, it is also important to realize that remodeling and construction can have a great impact on the environment around you.

Thankfully, there is a way to build while keeping the best interests of the environment as well. Careful planning and attention to detail is essential, as every externality must be calculated and the relationships between different components examined. We encourage you to be "green" when remodeling; we are happy to help you with the process.

There are three main differences between conventional remodeling and "green" remodeling. First, considerations in terms of design will have to be taken place in order to maximize efficiency and minimize impact. Second, green remodeling uses more efficient materials. Third, careful construction techniques are used in order to ensure that waste is minimized.

There are several steps within the process, as well. First, we will meet with you and discuss your needs. This component is perhaps the most important, as it is essential to keep open communication between workers and client to ensure transparency and ability for you to provide feedback. You can tell us what you envision, how you'd like to go about it, and what you are hoping to gain. We can tell you what we think, whether we are well-suited to execute the project, and what it will cost. If we don't feel that our services are a good match to your dream, we will send you to someone who can better help you. The choice is yours

Should you choose to proceed, we will develop a design that is suited to meet your needs while mitigating environmental impacts. During this process, we are guided by essential questions like "How does this project fit into the already existing home?" and "Is there a cheaper way of doing this? More efficient?" These questions are the pillars of our ideology; we are always doing everything we can do minimize cost and impact while maximizing efficiency and comfort. Rome wasn't built in a day — neither will your project be.

Having identified the essentials of the project, we will come up with a preliminary budget that can give you an idea as to how much the undertaking will cost. Again, we will do everything that we can in order to eliminate unnecessary expenditures while giving you something to compare your ideas to. After compiling a budget, you can either choose to proceed to the next step or revisit the design process.

The next step is simply conducting a final design. At this point in time, the project is mostly done because the foundations of the project have been established and the costs are mostly known. We will help you pick out what essentials you want for your home, such as windows, doors, and floors, while getting all the necessary documentation together.