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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can an energy audit save on my monthly bills?
The audit doesn’t actually result in lower energy bills. The purpose of the audit is to identify and document flaws in the building and mechanical systems and produce a list of actions to be taken along with the estimated energy savings to be derived from each action taken.
What can I do to prepare for the audit?
There is little to do in preparation for the audit. We will need access to all the rooms in the house and you should have your last 2 gas and electric bills available for review. Setting up online access to your accounts at ComEd and NICOR is even better so we can get a full picture of your energy usage over time. Call us if you have questions on doing this.
How long does an energy audit take?
A Home audit will typically take from 3-4 hours depending upon the size of the home. Commercial audits may take several days depending upon the size and complexity of the building.
Why aren't other contractors suggesting an audit before they bid on my project?
Most contractors today still don’t take a “whole house” approach to solving comfort and energy bill   issues.  At Energy360 we want to ensure that your dollars are invested wisely. Without an analysis of what is behind the symptoms you are experiencing, there is no certainty that the most pressing issues are being addressed.
Do I have to have an audit first or can I simply get a bid for insulation or new windows?
Energy360 will deliver what the customer wants and incorporate elements of the full audit into our jobs to ensure that the work we do is of the highest quality and the products we install are performing at the highest levels possible and per manufacturer specifications. However, without an audit, we cannot guarantee that the primary root causes of comfort issues and high energy bills will be addressed.
Do I need to be home during the audit?
Yes — the audit is an interactive process between the auditor and the building owner.
Why is Energy360 the "low cost" solution provider?
Cost is a function of what you spend overall to be comfortable in your home. Energy360 is the low-cost provider because with our approach, you are guaranteed to have the greatest impact on lowering your energy costs over time. The lowest price solution is almost never the lowest-cost solution and inevitably leads to lower customer satisfaction levels. We also spend a great deal of time researching all of the funding options to ensure that your project cost is ultimately as low as possible, many times even lower than the low price - low quality solution that you might have otherwise considered.
What is Energy360's guarantee?
Energy360's work is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. Of course, if there are external circumstances that affect the installation, like storm damage, water damage, or other incidental damage not resulting from faulty workmanship, the guarantee would not apply.
Why not wait until Fall to address my insulation?
It is very common for people to procrastinate when it comes to things like insulation. Here in the Chicago area, it is typically in the coldest months that people think about doing something about those uncomfortable drafts. What is less obvious is the conditioned air being lost in the hot summer months as well. Every day that goes by means more dollars lost on faulty or missing insulation and sealing. There are also limitations placed on what we can do in the coldest weather and we may have to make a return trip to finish the job when it warms up resulting in even more lost energy dollars. The best time to insulate is always right now.
What kind of insulation can be used in walls, attics, and floors?
That depends on things like your home and your budget. Cellulose is typically the greenest, most flexible and cost-effective insulation product in the market today.