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For the second part, we generally say that BPI focuses more on existing homes and RESNET focuses more on new homes. BPI training teaches you how to perform a home energy audit and identify energy-saving opportunities for the homeowner. The intent is to create a healthier, safer, and more durable home for the occupants.
RESNET is similar, though the end result comes in the form of a score. RESNET uses the home energy rating system, or HERS. The HERS Index uses a range of numbers, from 0-100, to show the energy use of a home compared to that of a standard home. This knowledge is critical in the new construction phase, to ensure that you are building an energy-efficient home. The ENERGY STAR Homes program actually uses the HERS score to determine whether a home is energy efficient enough to receive the ENERGY STAR designation. The HERS score is also valuable at the point of sale; appraisers and real estate agents use the HERS score as a sales tool for environmentally aware consumers