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Spray Foam Insulation from Energy360 Solutions

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Spray foam insulation is considered the most effective form of building insulation today. Not only does it provide R-values approaching R7 per inch, spray foam is also an excellent air barrier providing effective R values that are much higher than other products on the market today.

Spray foam vs Fiberglass - Convective heat loss is the number one cause of high energy bills and uncomfortable drafts in many homes. Unlike traditional fiberglass batting that often perfmits air to flow around and through it, foam insulation fills every gap and crevice in the shell of the building effectively shutting off any air flow. This reduction in air flow results in a much tighter, more comfortable building wherever it is applied. There are 2 types of spray foam that are used as insulation in residential buildings today, open and closed cell. Each type of product has a place in today's construction and it is important to understand the differences between the 2 in order to make informed decisions regarding which product is right for your project.

Open Cell Foam vs Closed Cell Foam - Open cell foam is appropriate for above grade wall and ceiling assemblies where there is little to no chance of water being absorbed into the product. It has an R-value of between 3.5 and 4.5 per inch and also has excellent sound absorption properties making it a very effective accoustic insulation solution.

Closed cell foam is a dense product that is appropriate for applications at or below grade. It provides R Values approaching R7 per inch and also serves as an excellent moisture and air barrier. We utilize closed cell products in rim joists, basement and crawlspace walls and roof decks to take advantage of these properties.

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