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High Performance Kensington Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows from Energy360 and Kensington High Performance Products are up to 78% more energy efficient than other leading brand Energy Star windows at comparable prices. 78% greater energy efficiency means lower bills and greater comfort from your new windows. Add a lifetime warranty for peace of mind and you can see why these windows offer tremendous value to any home.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing lesser performing windows at a higher price just because you’ve heard the name on the radio!

For detailed information on the 501 series vinyl windows from Energy360 and Kensington High Performance Products (click here). Take the Energy360 challenge and compare the performance specifications of these windows to any other that you might be considering. We already know the result !

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 Advantages of Vinyl

quietglassbeauty220x220With an economical advantage over wood windows and a thermal advantage over aluminum windows, vinyl windows give homeowners an ideal combination of thermal performance and price, without compromising on aesthetics.

Vinyl Windows Can be Used in Multiple Applications - They are superb replacement windows and install easily and quickly into new construction or retrofit projects.

Made to Order for Low Cost Installation - Our vinyl windows are made to order and will fit into the existing space of your window, reducing the need for costly construction changes to the original window opening and eliminating expensive retrofits. Vinyl is easily molded into any shape; wood and aluminum can be difficult to shape and special shapes equal more money with these materials.

Virtually Maintenance Free - As one of the easiest windows to take care of, vinyl windows require nearly zero maintenance; just a light washing with any common dishwashing soap and water is all that is needed to maintain the look of your vinyl windows for their lifetime. Our vinyl windows are designed with a non-chalking, premium grade vinyl that does not rust, corrode or pit. In addition, the frame color will never peel, flake or chip and will never need painting.

Excellent Insulator – Vinyl windows are excellent at insulating your home from the elements. They are impervious to weather, and are comfortable to the touch temperature from cold northern states to the heat dominated southern climate.

Lifetime of Easy Operation – Wood and aluminum windows are predisposed to rusting warping or swelling, causing these windows to stick and operate poorly over time. Vinyl windows will never face this problem because they naturally have a self-lubricating property and will operate smoothly for the life of the window.

U-Factor Comparison of Vinyl vs Aluminum and Wood Frames

The table below shows the insulation values of each framing material, without glass. The lower the U-factor the better the insulation. Vinyl frames are far superior insulators than aluminum frames and are less conductive. Vinyl and wood perform equally well, but wood frames can cost up 3x more than vinyl.


Frame Material U-Factor
Aluminum (no thermal break) 1.9 - 2.2
Aluminum (with thermal break) 1.0
Aluminum-clad wood 0.4 - 0.6
Wood 0.3 – 0.5
Vinyl 0.3 - 0.5

Vinyl Window Frames Compared to Aluminum and Wood


  Vinyl Aluminum Wood
Lifetime Maintenance Maintenance free. Never needs to be painted, a simple washing every once in awhile with everyday dishwashing soap and water will maintain their look for a lifetime Color is sprayed on and can chip, flake or scratch, prone to rust and corroding. Requires special maintenance and careful inspection to ensure metal is not exposed. Difficult to paint and must be primed before painted Color prone to chipping flaking and fading. Must be inspected and refinished every year. Requires sanding, priming painting and sealing to preserve the integrity of the window.
Insulating Properties Good insulator Poor insulator. Readily conducts heat and cold easily Good insulator
Weather Resistance Extremely weather resistant from sub-zero temperatures to tropical climates and completely waterproof. Waterproof material that corrodes in coastal areas, moist air, pollution and chemicals. Water resistant material but vulnerable to water damage if any part of the material is exposed. Swells, rots, deteriorates in moist costal environments
Lifetime Operation Self-lubricating properties prevents problems with operating the window Prone to sticking and binding over time due to the natural deterioration of aluminum Prone to sticking and binding due to swelling and warping that is prone to wood over time
Impact Resistance Naturally impact resistant Prone to denting and scratching Prone to splintering, impact damage and denting
Fire Resistance Highly fire resistant does not support combustion Highly fire resistant does not support combustion Burns readily
Cost Economical and available in multiple shapes at no extra cost Economical Expensive and costly material with a finite resource.